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St Peter & St Paul

Saxon Church, Albury

The Old Church

St Michael's Barn Church

St Michael's Barn Church

Apostolic Church, Albury

The Apostolic Catholic Church

Albury churches

There has been a tradition of Christian worship in Albury for more than a thousand years.

The parish of Albury is unusual as it has four churches.

The parish church of St Peter and St Paul which is in the heart of the Albury, the Barn church, St Michael's in Farley Green, the Saxon Church in Albury Park and the Catholic Apostolic Church at Sherbourne.

St Peter & St Paul's church is a remarkable example of Victorian architecture. It was consecrated in 1842 when it replaced the Old Saxon Church in Albury Park.

St Michael's Church is a converted 19th century barn It was given by Clara Courtney-Wells to be converted into a church as a memorial to her husband. It was dedicated in 1930. Services are held here occasionally.

The Saxon church, also St Peter & St Paul is in the grounds of Albury Park. The building dates from Saxon and Norman times. This church is now maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust. (This is an external link) There are services held at Christmas, Easter and mid-summer.

The Apostle's Chapel in Sherbourne is not open to the public and not used for services. It is maintained by the Trustees of the Catholic Apostolic Church.

Available here is a detailed history of Albury from British History Online, History of Albury (This is an external link)